2022 ReadyforO4 Campaign III

GRB/KN science counterpart as gravitational wave

This page is devoted to useful links for the 2022 ReadyforO4 Campaign III-GRB/KN science counterpart as GW.

The first one aims to focus on GRBs of Swift-BAT and Kilonova candidates of the Zwicky Transient Facility that may be associated with GW events during this ready for O4 campaign observing run. As before, we hope to gather enough data for a collaborative publication of GRANDMA.

We will also use this campaign to practice and train our procedure for O4.

Start and End of the campaign

The GRANDMA campaign will start on Thursday 13th of October, 16h00 UTC and will finish on Thursday 1st of December 16h00 UTC.


The campaign includes several members of our collaborations:

  • The telescope teams, which is composed at least by one observer, one photometry expert, that operate a telescope or severals, for which several instruments can be mounted. The telescope team is also called collaboration. The telescope team will respond to the alerts and will provide both images and photometric results in low latency from observations of the GRBs and Kilonova candidates during several days.
  • The follow-up advocate (FA), is the person of GRANDMA on shift duty 6h per day. A shift week lasts from the shift just after the Thursday GRANDMA telecon (regular ending at ~ 18H00 Paris Time) to the next Thursday telecon. The person is in charge of providing assistance to the telescope teams to guide their observations and write reports (GCN circular) that must be sent to the community. The FAs are assisted by the Weekly coordinator, a referent person that will manage all issues happening during the shift week
  • The paper writing team, in charge of collecting the material for the GRANDMA publication and write the article
  • The core GRANDMA team, and the PI, in charge of providing documentation and directives to interface the participants above.
  • The work packages leaders, that provide technical material to the collaboration (photometry tutorials, infrastructure to receive the alert etc)

Guides (Teams and Follow-up advocates)

These guides aim to describe the role of the telescopes teams and the follow-up advocate roles during the campaign.


Telescopes teams

This training is for the telescope team to familiare themselves on their role during the campaign and make sure they have access to all tools.The training is accessible to Training for the telescope teams (editable in google) and Training for the telescope teams (docx editable via owncloud).

In this campaign, Telescopes teams will upload their images in owncloud.

Follow-up advocates

The follow-up advocates are trained by their corresponding week coordinator. See the Schedule here and name of your weekly coordinator. There is some cookbook and exercices proposed to FAs, see Cookbook for FAs

The Fas will interact with Skyportal-ICARE

Useful links during the campaign

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