SOAR Telescope (LNA)

The SOAR Telescope
The Southern Astrophysical Research (SOAR) Telescope is a 4.1-meter aperture telescope designed to work from the atmospheric cut-off in the blue (320 nm) to the near-infrared, with excellent optical image quality, fast slewing and a suite of up to nine instruments mounted ready for use. SOAR has been designed to produce the sharpest images possible with any ground-based telescope.

The telescope uses active optics on its primary and secondary mirrors to attain an image quality of ~0.5 arcsec at 0.8 μm under good seeing conditions. With the SOAR Adaptive Optics Module (SAM) commissioned in 2013, SOAR has achieved images as good as 0.25 arcsec FWHM at 0.8μm over a field of view of 3×3 arcmin, a resolution which approaches the image quality of HST.