Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory

Observatory (AbAO) is a “classical” observatory founded in 1932 (official name of the observatory is Evgeni Kharadze Georgian National Observatory.
Location of the Abastumani Observatory: long. = 42.819444 E, lat. = 41. 754167, alt. = 1600-1650.

In the framework of GRANDMA consortium 70 cm Meniscus telescope and 48 cm Cassegrain telescope will be used for observations:

  • Meniscus telescope (altitude 1610 m) has a meniscus diameter of 700 mm, focal length of 2460 mm and is equipped with a pl4240-ccd-camera-back-illum-63-5mm-shutter-grade-1, with B,V,R,I filters, FOV is 30′ x 30′, readout – 10 sec. Limiting magnitude in R filter (exposure 1
    min) is 18.
  • Cassegrain telescope (altitude 1605 m) has diameter of 480 mm, equivalent focal length of 7715 mm and is equipped with a CCD Apogee Alta KAF-16801E, with U,B,V,R,I filters. FOV 20′ x 20′. Limiting magnitude in R filter (exposure 1 min) – 15.


V.Aivazyan (AbAO), S.Beradze (AbAO), R. Inasaridze (AbAO), N. Kochiashvili (AbAO), R.Natsvlishvili (AbAO), M. Vardosanidze (AbAO), G. Kapanadze (AbAO)