Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory of Azerbaijan

N.Tusi Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ShAO of ANAS) is one of relatively young observatories which were founded in 1959. ShAO is located in the north-east of the Great Caucasus Mountains, in distance 150 km from Baku in the South Caucasus. The observatory was built on the eastern slope of Mountain Pirqulu, in altitude 1500 m. The geographical coordinates are 48°35’04” E / 40°46’20″N. At the observatory the mean number of clear nights reaches 190-200 per year.

The T60cm (Carl Zeiss 600) will be used for the O3 program for host galaxy targeting searches using its BVRcIc filters and a limit magnitude around 19 mag/

The 2-m telescope (Carl Zeiss -2000) will be used for follow-up of counterpart candidates and kilonova found using: Spektrograph Canberra (2×2 prizm spectrograph) and  Spectrograph UAGS (Universal AstroGrid Spectrograph.


Shabnam Agayeva(Shao), Ismailov Nariman (Shao), Alishov Sabahaddin (Shao), Zumrud Vidadi (Shao), Dzannat Samedov (Shao)