Pic du Midi Observatory

The 1m telescope (T1M – on the right) installed in 1963 at the Pic du Midi Observatory is mainly used for the study of the Solar System (planets, natural satellites, asteroids and comets…). The telescope is managed according to a convention of use between “Observatoire Midi Pyrénées” (OMP) and “Paris Observatory”. A modernization is in progress in order to allow a remote use and a diversification of its use like for GRANDMA events. More information can be find on web site : https://t1m.omp.eu/.

The design of the telescope makes it impossible to observe a field larger than 10 x 10 arc min, however the quality of the site (sky background and seeing) makes it possible to observe very faint objects up to magnitude 25 (2012, Gendre et al). The telescope is currently entirely manual and does not allow a quick response on alert. Even when renovated, it will be used mainly for the follow-up of the end of the events, however the SWIR SIRIS camera will have an important role in GRANDMA.

The T50 (on the left) replace the old T60 open for amateurs since 1980. This is a PlaneWave CDK500 Dall-Kirkham with a mount Nova 120 (Alcor System) and a camera ASI 6200 MM (SWO). A new dome will be installed for a full “remote control” of the telescope:

T1M ( long. = 0.1426258 E lat. = 42.936362 alt. = 2877m) has a diameter of 1.05  m, a nominal focal length of 17 500 mm and is equipped with a CCD ANDOR IKON L936 with filters Sloan: g’, r’, i’, z’, clear, field of view 8.2 x 8.2 arc min. I will be equipped with a SWIR camera (band J et H) in 2013. Field of view 1.8 x 1.3 arc min.

T50 (( long. = 0.1426258 E lat. = 42.936362  alt. = 2877m)  has a diameter 500 mm, focal length 2280 mm and is equipped with a CMOS camera ASI 6200 MM:  R, G,B, clear,Density. Field of view 54 x 36 arc min.


François Colas ¹, Alain Klotz ², Julien Dubouil ¹, David Darson ³, Mirel Birlan ¹, Kevin Baillie ¹, David Baratoux ²

  1. IMCCE – Observatoire de Paris
  2. IRAM – Observatoire Midi Pyrénées
  3. LP-ENS


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